Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Pond Cleaning

It's spring time when I have to take the dust filter off the wet & dry shop vac to suck out the rest of the gunk & water. This old shop vac seems to have a lower power rating but much more suction power than my other new one. My wife has the vision that our first patio is a extension of the house. Therefore it is important for it to be cleaned constantly , just like the inside.

The small pond is the first one cleaned this year. Some people have the philosophy of cleaning under the rocks. The preformed pond seen here works well, I have had to apply black silicone twice to cracks the year after installation as the ground settled. I has worked well since.

Cleaning under the waterfall for some people is like cleaning under the rug, where I usually store stuff. As long as she she sees this as her job it's ok with me. The larger ponds are a different matter, I am still working on finishing modifying them, to my satisfaction. Now we need to get about 8-12 dozen feeder gold fish, for my wifes watwr barrels and ponds as they are vicious mosquito larva eaters, they will aquire brilliant colors that they don't get being feed " fish food". The prettier ones we bring in to aquariums in the winter.