Friday, May 25, 2007

New Liner New Pump

I finally aqquired a leak in the top pond, after all these years. That was also a concrete pond it had been recemented several times over the years so I broke down and bought the rubber membrane for this like I did for the middle pond last year. I buy this at the nearby farm store where they charge $4.95 a running foot. So thats a one foot by ten foot .045 mill thickness of EPDM from Rubberall That's quite a good price. As long as I'm on the subject. The pump we are using and still works good is a Wayne 1/3 hp sump pump. Again we went with the sump pump because of cost. The 1/3 hp, when I bought it many years ago was $69. I have gotten lazy the last number of years and don't even take it out of the pond in the winter. Believe me here in Minnesota my pond freezes to the bottom. I have been impressed with it's durability. it's rated as 3450 GPH at 5' Head. It is a good 15' head difference from the bottom pond where the pump is to the upper pond. Now that we have revived the middle pond my wife wanted a faster water rate so we switched to the Wayne 3/4 hp stainless which is rated at 4200 GPH at 5'. $150 at the farm store. We can really tell the difference. The only modifications made were to take the float off, turn the switch on, leaving it on, as we plug the pump in to use it. So here's my video of that. Still got some tweaking and fine tuning to do.

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