Saturday, June 02, 2007

12 Things About Building A Pond

Yesterday my wife pointed me in the direction of one of the TV show she was watching on building a pond and waterfall. Ponds are in the air because then the daily paper came and it happened to have a article on rebuilding a 12 year old pond. They interviewed a pond shop owner, here are 12 points he suggests you should consider when building a pond.
1. Make your pond larger rather than smaller, as they feel larger ponds are easier to maintain.
2. The pond should be 2 1/2 feet deep to keep fish and plants over winter.
3. Place the pond in the yard so people can enjoy it.
4. The cost, they suggest a 11 by 16 foot pond will cost from $2,200 to $3,600 and if it were professionally installed it could range from $ 4,900 to $7,900.
5. Use the lay of the land to decide where to put the pond , avoid building a mound to have a waterfall.
6. Avoid the lowest part of the land to prevent runoff of lawn clippings and fertilizer into the pond.
7. Use correct size of pump.
8. Use a skimmer to filter out leaves and grasses.
9. Maintenance of skimmer once a month.
10. Chemical treatment of pond once a month.
11. Add lights, plants to add another level of interest to the pond
12. Use good materials.
These are some good ideas, I have to think about some of them thou.

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