Monday, January 21, 2008

The Pondless Waterfall

In  Southern California there is a growing popularity of “The Pondless Waterfall” it seems the latest outdoor craze is all about waterfalls that just disappear !!  They’re pretty cool because without the pond, you can fit a waterfall just about anywhere . That’s double cool for people with small backyards who really want that jungle waterfall feeling. They’re also cheaper. Think about it… you don’t have to excavate a pond. There’s a big savings on labor and materials right there.
         How it works:
"The pondless Waterfall” as it’s called in the industry, basically works like your ordinary backyard waterfall and pond, except that the water gushing down the waterfall seeps into a hole in the ground which is covered with gravel (not a pond) and is then pumped back up to the top. More efficient and cost effective, it’s easy to see why the pondless waterfall is taking off, especially in these penny-pinched times. The pondless [waterfall] movement has opened up a whole new market everybody’s a winner more people can afford them, they add value to your home, and as far as contractors are concerned it’s very easy to install and get running. 


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