Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ducks and Cranes

I had this fantasy, at the time of ducks flying in for a rest on my pond. I made this pastel drawing in '86, as I was in the building process. The simple railroad ties bridge didn't last more than a few weeks. The ducks never came. But believe it or not, a few years after we had built the pond, had koi in it. I came out of the house one day out of the corner of my eye was this huge dark fluttering, of what was wings. I think I was more scared than the crane that was in the pond. He took off in a flash. He came back one more time a few days later, going after the koi. We though he had gotten they as we didn't see them for a good week or more. The crane had a flightpath that came over our house for quite a while that summer, but he never came back for a visit. When we did see the koi again one of them had scars on it's side. And that's the truth.

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