Friday, April 06, 2007

Early Pond Photo

I can across this photo from about 1988. The ornamental cherry tree was planted in the round rock enclosure. Luckily this whole area has a sand base, as the rocks used for the patio are not thin flat rocks but split fieldstone, each like half of a basketball or bigger. A lot of digging went on here. I had just finished the third pond seven feet wide at it's widest and twenty plus feet long. It is partly elevated above ground level, by two feet. It worked well for a number of years.
On the hill about half way up is a raku kiln I used to have. Now all that is left is the swinging door of it. It frames the lilies that grow there now. The big basswood trees aren't there yet. The sculpture above the rock tiers is a early version of the Specture. Made from stainless steel, I had been experimenting with painted sculptures then. [ha ha, did you clean your screen ?]

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