Monday, January 22, 2007

Another View

A view from another direction. Showing the newer rock path. We, dug up a perfectly good cement sidewalk and replaced it with this [ at my wife's instance] a wavy rock one. I do admit it looks neater and the water from the roof has some place to go. See where the drain pipe comes down from the gutter in the middle of the picture ? It goes into a plastic garbage can for watering. A added feature was when I punched a hole about half way down from the top of the barrel. I inserted a hose adapter, attached a flat hose, the kind with holes in it for watering. I had to enlarge the holes because the pressure of the water in the barrel was a lot less than what one would get from a normal pressured hose. This flat hose is strung along the ground the length of the house. Watering all the plants that don't get watered because of the overhang.

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