Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rock Paths

These photos show some of the paths we have made. They go around the front of the house and in the back area is a winding one going up a slope. We have found our grandchildren love to use the paths, chasing each other and just checking them out to see what grandpa and grandma have done now. I have grown partial to rocks over the 25 years I have been collecting them from farmers rock piles. Many a time I was invited to come out into the field to pick my own 'fresh ' ones. I resisted, chosing to pick through the piles that were stacked in the 'back forty' . Rocks rocks of all kinds, one problem with rocks around here is they are all fieldstone in the sense of granite, roundish kind of stones.
I wanted to built some walkways of rock and after building a patio area out of ones that had naturally split in some fashion. I decided to buy some flat ones. Now rocks are sold by weight. So while .20 cents a pound does not sound like much. When I went to buy the first pallet of speckled sandstone, which weighted about 1500 pounds it cost $280. Needless to say my poor truck did not want to hall it home 30 miles. Dragging and swerving it's tail all the way, but we made it. Over the years I've picked up 3 more loads . The last one cost $360, inflation even for rocks I guess.

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