Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rock Siding

The front of the house is pretty much covered with softball sized rocks. This was a summer project a number of years ago. I decided to make it unique in that most of the time when you see a rock siding it is made of much larger rock. Which would save much time installing.
I never had a cement mixer so all the cement was mixed in a 2.5 cubic ft. wheelbarrow. This took me a whole summer to do. Our daughter was dating a farmer at the time. I suppose first being a nice guy and maybe getting a few points with 'dad'. He dropped off a couple of loads of rock that were the result of spring rock picking in the field. Anyway it worked for me. But it was a very slow process. The main problem was you could only lay up a couple of feet of rock , then you had to let it set up. There is a lip of the foundation that sticks out, which created a footing and every foot or so I would pound in long cement nails into the underlying block wall to give it a bond.
The upper part is made of old deep cut wavy cedar siding, that was salvaged from another building. I'm told one can not buy this type of heavy cedar siding anymore.

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